About us

About Us:

Hey, we are Khyati and Arpit. Blogger and recipe expert behind FoodiBlog. We are from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. We are settled in Hyderabad and my Husband’s profession is Software Engineer. We are not a chef by profession, but both of us are food Lover by Heart. Everyday is a busy day in Office and every weekend is a Busy weekend in Kitchen. We are passionate about our Job and our food. This blog originated because of my husband’s passion for food and sharing our recipes to the world.

Arpit started cooking in his childhood. When we got married and left our hometown, started managing our own kitchen, every weekend is a new experiment. Sometimes we dish out the best and sometimes it is worse. This blog will have all 5 star rated recipes by both of us. We always do a lot of research before trying out any new dish and we always want to follow the same procedures which is written in original recipe. Once, we finish of the dish we will make necessary changes to it and invent our own very own Signature recipe. We believe cooking is an art and like other profession, you have to practice it forever and keep learning everyday.

About Foodi Blog:

This is Indian Vegetarian Recipe blog. Apart from Indian Recipes, you can also find some fusion recipes with Indian touch. I also love baking, so you will find many eggless baking recipes like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins. I will try to update this blog 2-3 times a week. Till now I have managed to update and hope this consistency stays in future.

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Each recipe has step by step photos and some of them have videos too, with instructions. So it will be easy to understand the whole cooking process for beginners. All the recipes are tried, tested and tasted in my kitchen. You will find traditional recipes especially Gujarati Recipes, as well as recipes from cookbooks, food magazine and mom’s recipes, MIL’s recipes.

I do cooking, creating recipe write up, taking photos, editing, posting online. As well as technical aspects, maintenance, designing of blog, server issues all done by me. Dear husband is the food critic for my cooking and he encourages me lot.

This website is monetized for ads. Your clicks can help me to run this website. As We are paying high amounts to maintain this blog like for server, website design, email marketing. And not forget the hard work we put in cooking, clicking, shooting and posting.

About the Food, I cook and eat: As being vegetarian, I only cook vegetarian food and so this blog also has vegetarian recipes posted.

Some of my in-laws follow Vaishnav / Jain religion. So they do not eat onions or garlic. But hubby is not strict Vaishnav follower, he eats onions and garlic. I sometime also cook Jain / Vaishnav food which are no onion no garlic recipes. I and hubby eat all the food which I cook and post here on the blog. If I need to I freeze some, eat later. But we never waste or throw anything. I usually cook Gujarati food for our daily meals. But I like to cook and eat North Indian and South Indian also.

About Photography: all the photographs are taken by Arpit. We use Canon EOS 600D and Iphone 7 plus for shooting our videos and clicking food photographs. We are learning food photography, so our photos are not that professional. We do use Photoshop sometimes to sharpen and brighten up the images. Because sometimes we take shots in low light weather condition.

Comment Policy: We always appreciate your comment or feedback in my blog. Your comments actually give us boost to keep running this blog. All the constructive feed-backs are welcomed, so other can benefit from it. Unkind, rude, mean and spam comments will be deleted. If you have question regarding the recipe you can ask in the comment or you can email us. We reply to almost all the comments or queries on the blog. Food bloggers please do not leave any comments with event or promotional link. Such comments will be deleted. You can leave link to your blog in website box while posting the comment

Advertise & Reviews: This website is monetized for ads. Your clicks can help us to run this website. Reviews from Food related products and cookbooks are welcome. But non-food items which is not beneficial for our readers will be rejected.

Copyright Policy: all the content and photos on our website is copyright protected with all rights reserved, unless otherwise noted. no hot-linking of images, please! It takes a lot of time and effort to take images and blog about the food I cook. Kindly respect the hard work that goes into making of this blog.

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