Vegetarian Donuts

Vegetarian Donuts

by , Published: September 03, 2013

My kids always crave for donuts, including me. Its been very long time I was searching for Veg Donuts recipe and finally I hit the nail. This donuts are simply yummy, fluffy and easy recipe, most of the part of which was executed by my little daughters. So, no more marketing – Try it to believe it.

Prep time:
Cook time:
Standby time : 2 hours
Total time:

Yield: Makes 4 donuts

For Kneading Dough:
2 cup Maida (मैदा)
3/4 cup Milk (दूध)
1/4 cup Butter (बटर)
2 tbsp Sugar (चीनी)
1 tsp dried Active yeast (इस्ट / खमीर)
1/2 tsp Salt to taste (नमक)
Oil , for frying (तेल)

For Glazing/Decorating Donuts:
1/4 cup Powdered Sugar (चीनी)
100 grams Brown Chocolate (डार्क चोकोलेट)
100 grams White Chocolate (सफेद चोकोलेट)

Method :

1. Knead dough for making donuts. Make milk lukewarm; also melt butter a bit so that it gets mixed in flour easily.
2. Take flour in a big utensil, add sugar, salt and butter.
3. Activate yeast by adding them in lukewarm water. Keep this mixture aside for 5-10 minutes. Once yeast is activated you should see bubbles in water mixture. Add activated yeast to flour mixture.
4. Mix all ingredients very well. With help of lukewarm milk knead soft dough (we have used more then 1/2 cup milk). Keep kneading the dough for 5-7 minutes so that it gets soft.
5. Roll the dough giving it a round shape. Spread some dry flour on the board and place dough on it.
6. With help of rolling pin make a round circle with 1/2- 3/4 cm thickness and cut round donuts with help of a glass or steel bowl or anyt big circular thing.
7. Take a small cap of bottle and make holes in the center of donuts. Place donuts on a tray.
8. Brush all prepared donuts with oil so that they don’t get dried.
9. Cover donuts with a muslin cloth and keep them aside for 2 hours so that they become puffy. (For best results: Preheat oven, switch it off and place donuts inside it. Alternately if oven is not available you can preheat any big vessel on gas and keep donuts inside it by convering the vessel.)
10. Once donuts doubles in size after 2 hours fry donuts on low flame until they turn golden brown in color.
11. Take out fried donuts in a plate with absorbent paper. Fry all donuts like wise.
12. Dust donuts with powdered sugar.

How to glaze/decorate donuts:
13. Melt brown and white chocolate (optional).
14. Take off the bowls with melted chocolates of flame and dip some donuts with white chocolate and rest with brown chocolate.
15. Make a cone filled with brown chocolate and make line on the white chocolate donuts for garnishing and make white chocolate cone for garnishing the brown chocolate donuts.
16. I have also decorated my donuts with mix fruit jams. Be creative when it comes to decorate your donuts.

For melting chocolates,
1. Heat water in any utensil and place the second utensil with crushed chocolate on top of it.
2. Cook on medium flame until chocolate gets pouring consistency. Keep stirring every 1-2 minutes.
3. After chocolate melts completely take it off from the flame, let it get frigid and then bring in use.

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